UWC Shutdown

This afternoon police fired rubber bullets and water canons at unarmed students that had blocked a road outside UWC.

According to the students I spoke to, the police told them they had 10 minutes to move or they would start firing, and they did. They used a water canon and rubber bullets.

When the students wanted to get back into their campus they were told by the police they had to move in groups of 5. The obviously did not trust the police and went together. They were allowed in the gate and then teargas was fired from in front and behind them, ambush style ala Marikana. The police jeered from the sidelines and hurled racist insults that the two women who were telling me their story refused to repeat.

Still the mood in the cafeteria was electric.

Some people looked like they were in shock, many looked exhausted but the singing and dancing created an atmosphere that was almost joyfull and that was amazing to witness.

How the police could act in such a brutal way to these young people, is unfathomable to me. It seems they went a lot further than just “doing their job”.

Fuck the police. #feesmustfall #nationalshutdown

UWC Higher-res

Winter in Cape Town

Winter is back

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Shnit Opening Night

Shnit is back. And for the first time in it’s 4 years of running, I was in attendance.

I went to another short film festival a while back and did’t like anything I saw, and figured Shnit might be the same. But then I went and saw the best films of last year and they were really good; Opening Night 2013’s films were even better.

I don’t have a lot to write about this other than “Don’t miss it”.

Opening Night ‘graphs

graphs in Cape Town on a winter’s afternoon

Last Saturday, I decided to take a mini bus taxi to the taxi rank in town, stroll around a bit, get a bus to the Waterfront and eventually meet some friends.

I hadn’t been taking many photos, had flu etc. So this was a first in a while.

I find that the best way to get into the space where I can get shots I’m happy with is to just snap anything that comes my way for a while. Kind of like a warm up. When a friend and I used to play guitar, there was a time where we would play stupid, silly jams and eventually something good would come out of it. I’m not sure why it works. Maybe its just got to do with getting into a mindset where anything is OK and ceasing to judge the output to the point of paralysis.


What I love about photography is that once you get behind the lens of a camera the world becomes very different. Mundane, boring streets become interesting. Sometimes beautiful but at least interesting. And then there’s the part where you get to translate what you see into a picture.

While I was wandering around the station to the Waterfront bus stop, I saw this.

The docs

Then I made my way to the Waterfront and got off the bus at the aquarium stop. I didn’t realise that it was also right there at the dry dock. I ended up having a quick conversation with the dock yard fitters before strolling along and ending up at the Chinese ship.

Dockyard fitters

I saw some laundry drying in the middle section of the ship and took a few photos but they didn’t quite work… so I decided to walk on a little further to the front of the ship and see if anything caught my eye.

Chinese ship

And then finally I walked towards the other end on my way to the mall when I looked at the back of the ship and saw this guy chatting on his phone while sitting on the ledge. I motioned towards him with my camera and he gave a nod of approval and I ended up with this photo.

Sailor on phone

That was the best time I had at the waterfront since the last 1l jug of weissbeer I had at Paulaner before it closed down.

Concluding this post, it seems like there is always something to photograph in Cape Town(or anywhere else), you just have to walk around aimlessly with your eyes open…


Chess with Joey

I’ve been feeling under the weather last week… So last night I was feeling a lot better but decided to take it really easy anyway. I took a minibus taxi home and went straight to the spar with my laptop still on my back. It had been raining so it made sense to get wet just once.

My plan was to go home, cook some beans curry, go to bed, play some online chess and then snooze. Then on my way back home, I passed a man on the sidewalk who was sitting at a little two-seater table with a chess board. He called out “How much do you want to put down?”. I asked him what he was talking about? He said “We play for money, R20 or R50?”. I explained that while I play I’m not really good enough. So we played a friendly anyway. He won but it was tight and I made unforced mistakes.

So I decided to put a R20 down. And I won. So we obviously had to have a rematch and he got his revenge.

Gotta love Obs.

  • Rain on Lower Main Rd
    Rain on Lower Main Rd
  • About to move
    About to move
  • Racking up the game that would win him his money back
    Racking up the game that would win him his money back
  • Showing an interested fellow that he had to bet to play
    Showing an interested fellow that he had to bet to play
  • Joey the Lower Main Rd Chess Hustler
    Joey the Lower Main Rd Chess Hustler

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