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I met Francesca Krnjak at my friend China’s home about two weeks ago. She brought a Hang, what a cool instrument. But that’s not the point.

We chatted a bit and she told me about being a musician and a performance artist. Sounded interesting. She and her boyfriend are a musical duo called LegoLoop. I agreed to go and see them play on Thursday night.

Before seeing them at the Mahogany Room I was worried that I might not like the music. It could be really awkward to go and see them play and find it all completely boring.

That was not the case this time round. They use a few instruments, loop machines and delay… and create an amazing sound. I hate to make comparisons to other artists, but parts reminded me a lot of Bjork, but in a good way. I was pretty blown away. It got to the point where sitting still in our mahogany chairs was really difficult!

They might play another gig before they leave for Italy in the coming months. Check out their facebook page for more info!