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Vinyl Digz is a party that happens every second week in Cape Town. The usual venue is a rooftop. The cover is usually R50, so not cheap. The selling point s are a fairly racially integrated crowd, music outdoors, picnic kind of atmosphere and vinyl. The drawbacks are that the cover is R50, they usually have a limit of 150 people at a time, the crowd seems to be kind of young and the DJs who usually play are not good(they generally don’t mix well, don’t read the crowd, clear the floor etc there are exceptions, but exceptions prove the rule in this case). But the good outweighs the bad so I usually go, and it’s always a good time.

Saturdays party was to be different. There were more selling points. It was at Ragazzi… my favourite spot in Cape Town at the moment, the Fong Kong Bantus(actually it was a mix of Forgotten Freequencies & Fong Bantu Sound System with special feature C4 - Rozzano) were on the bill(those guys know how to DJ) and the cover was R30 before 5pm.

True to my expectations, it was much better than usual. Dubmaster China played an amazing set followed by some dope old school hip hop by the female DJ(C4) in the photos. I don’t know who she is but she played a super tight set. The vibe was nice, all round good times. After the Fong Kong guys were done, there was a bit of a lull. The sound stopped working, a mixer had to be changed. The music quality went down a bit, but got better in the end. Good good vibes.

There seems to be a demand for the kind of space that Ragazzi provides these days, people just don’t know that its what they want yet, and that’s a good sign.

I ended the night off with friends singing karaoke at Club Med across the road(Highly recommended).