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Future Nostalgia happened two weeks ago. The second instalment happened last night.

There were fewer people but the vibe was just as good, if not better this time round. It was pretty windy outside and I spent more time indoors which meant I spent more time listening to the music!

El Corazon, Bugz Bayfield and AT8 were on the bill. This time, no overlap with the first gig. It was El Corazon’s first time behind the decks and she played a really rad set. I even enjoyed some soul in the form of Marvin Gaye. I think this is how you know that you are getting old. Soul. The highlight of her set, for me, was some Lee Scratch Perry dub. I’m looking forward to the follow ups for real.

I didn’t catch a lot of the second set, I think this was when I was chilling outside, drinking my wine and getting a lesson in lighting and framing from two women! What I do remember is john McLauglin and a subsequent conversation about Paco de Luca and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Once again good vibes.

The last set was rad, some afro beat, lot’s of groove. It’s during this one that I left. Does no one else work?

These parties are really cool. I’m glad they are happening. New spaces are starting to open up and the right people are starting to fill them. If this keeps up and others continue in this tradition I might actually start to develop an affinity for this god forsaken city!